Every parent definitely has a different way of educating their toddler to obey them. There are those who are more patient, but there are also those who tend to get angry or even involve violence, such as pulling, hitting or shouting. However, don’t let it happen continuously, because it can make children spoiled and all their wishes must be obeyed.

Therefore, as parents we must be able to provide the right guidance and advice so that they become good human beings and have noble character as we want them to be when they grow up. Age 0 is a critical period for a child’s brain development. It is at this step that children experience the golden years where brain development occurs quickly and rapidly.

How to Raise a Good Child:

1. Teach honesty

Honesty is the best quality of a human being. The best way to teach your little one about honesty is to set an example through your honest words and attitudes in everyday life. Try not to overreact when your little one lies. Instead of judging him, listen to the reasons behind his behavior.

2. Follow the child’s mindset

The way to teach toddlers to obey is by following your little one’s mindset. It’s too easy to get upset when your little one makes a mess in the house. Today your little one can draw all the walls of the house with crayons. Then slot starlight princess  the next day, he confiscated the toys and scattered them without tidying them up again. It must make you dizzy. But remember, your mindset is definitely not the same as your little one’s.

3. Let your little one explore

Children must explore their environment to learn and develop themselves. Mothers can add opportunities for their little ones to explore by inviting them to play, experiment and carry out various fun activities. By applying the tips above, mothers as parents are able to support their little ones to develop their intelligence optimally.

4. Teach a sense of responsibility

Teach and remind your child to always have a sense of responsibility for himself. For example, when it’s time for school, he has to go. If he asks why it has to be like that. Give reasons that he can understand.

5. Teach good manners

Teach your little one to say “please” when they want protection from you or someone else and to say “thank you” when they have been helped or given something by someone else. This can support your little one to become a child who has good manners, especially for older people. older.