Note: Egreat A5 EN firmware includes “Release” version and “Beta” version,
“Release” version firmware will be updated per month, you can download it click here
“Beta” version firmware will be updated per week, which is only for some enthusiasts who like to test some new problems and solved problems in advanced.

This post is Egreat A5 EN Beta Firmware (2016-12-29 v1.0.2.1 Beta), there maybe some problems, which is only for some enthusiasts test.

I. info
Size: 619609589 Byte
Updating Time: 29th, Dec 2016 Thursday, 8:39:05 am

II. Recovery the firmware instructions
1.Please force to recovery this version firmware, user datas will be erased.
2.You can also upgrade the firmware by local USB upgrade, if your current firmware is, but the below changelog function with * can’t be available.
3. The force to recovery this version firmware instruction, please click here.

III. Changelog
New: Adding Auto raw passthrough function, auto matching peripherals (operation guidance click here)
New: SMB/NFS auto search function (operation guidance click here)
New: Onekey switchover function on audio track and subtitle(operation guidance click here)
New: Smart select playback time function
New: Movie details showed on the file UI
New: Adding movie details in the file playback(operation guidance click here)
New: Adding blu-ray ISO sort on poster UI
Optimizing: Realtime update to information UI when playback
Optimizing: Improve the compatibility of 4K moives
Optimizing: BD/3D/4K/3D BD tag on poster
Optimizing: External subtitle setting function
Optimizing: Show last breakpoint time when resuming
Optimizing: Adding “year information’ on editting movie blank poster UI
Adjustment: Some UI design and operation tips
Adjustment: Initial search mode on poster UI
Adjustment: Making deep color more perfect
Adjustment: Online subtitle is closed temporarily ( Will be recovery soon)
Adjustment: Optimize the volumn adjustment bar *
Adjustment: Deleted “playback will be ended soon” tip
Fixed: Incorrect play in movie post
Fixed: The fast forward bar disappeared when press fast forward button
Fixed: The semitransparent words spoilted in some BD Menu
Fix: Some blu-ray movies can’t resume from breakpoint
Fix: 3D movie may be not smooth when playing BD menu
Fix: New adding custom font is completely compatible with srt subtitle font
Fix: Some of Add-ons on Vidon XBMC can’t work *

Note: This version temporarily closes online subtitle download function, but will be recovery in next version.